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Arya – Another life
Arya provides you with eco-friendly and biodegradable disposables

Products and Services

Eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable disposables made from naturally fallen leaves. We offer possibilities for customization.

Why you should choose me!

I am 100% natural.

Made from naturally fallen leaves.

I am compostable.

I can be disposed in your composting bin or you can use me as a fertilizer for your plants.

I am stronger than paper and plastic.

More sturdy and stable when you carry me or place me on the table.

I can handle heat and cold.

Capable of handling from -30°C to 150°C.

Our team

Arya was born as an idea in August 2019. The company was founded in Sweden, March 2020 and the founders met through a master’s programme in Entrepreneurship at Uppsala University. Team Arya are multicultural, Subhash from India, Abdo from Egypt and Niklas from Sweden. They connected through the common passion towards entrepreneurship and sustainability and started the journey with the aim of reducing the usage of plastic disposables.

Subhash N H

CEO & founder

Niklas Nygårds


Abdo Samy


Supporting organzations